Monday, April 12, 2010

iFroggi - a fast-paced game for the iPhone

Control the cute frog iFroggi across the lake jumping from water lily pad to water lily pad by simply swiping on the iPhone multi-touch display.

Try not to fall into the water otherwise you will lose a life. Water lily pads grow and shrink in changing speed. So leave a pad before it disappears in the lake.

Catch a bunch of various objects like flies, butterflies, lady bugs, coins, diamonds and flags while being aware of dangerous obstacles like caterpillars, water lilies and the opponent frog.

Key Features:
  • Excellent lake atmosphere using sound effects and built-in accelerometer changes
  • Excellent graphics and nice background music
  • Simple and intuitive controls
  • Unlimited levels with increasing difficulty in speed and lake size
  • A lot of different levels with various content
  • Bonus time and extra lifes
  • Automatic save and resume
  • Highscore support

Level content:

  • Catch increasing number of flies and butterflies to complete level
  • Leftover time will bring bonus points
  • Collecting enough points will bring a new life
  • Avoid caterpillars - they will cost points
  • Especially pay attention to lady bugs because they give you an extra life
  • Jump around lily pads having a water lily on it - they will sink if you jump on and you will lose a life
  • Collecting coins will make you stealth for five seconds – you cannot sink or die and you will not lose points
  • Play against the time - you have only 99 seconds to complete the level
  • Collect four diamonds one of each kind
  • The dangerous opponent frog is chasing you, trying to catch you - dodge it!
  • Catch the flag of the opponent frog in the bottom right corner and bring it back to your home stone in the top left corner

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